Dilution of surfactants such as sodium lauryl ether sulfate for production of detergents

A range of various surfactants are used today for the production of detergents, shampoos and shower gels, all purpose cleaners and other products.

The most widely used surfactant is sodium lauryl ether sulfate (LES).

LEWA designs and builds metering and mixing systems for the production of washing and cleaning agents or cosmetics.


Above a daily consumption of 1,000 kg of LES, it is worth to calculate the amortization of a conversion to on-site dilution with the LES continuous blender from LEWA.

In this case a highly concentrated LES is purchased and then diluted to the desired process concentration and stored. Depending on daily consumption, the investment in a LEWA continuous blending system can be amortized within a few months.

The advantages of the LEWA continuous blending system are:

  • Verifiable cost savings
  • More flexibility in the production
  • Individual selection of preservatives
  • Low consumption of preservatives
  • More independence
  • Inventory keeps significantly longer

Schematic diagram of the continuous blender

Description of function:

Production of detergents, Scheme

Two typical versions with/without LES continuous blender

LES (70% concentration), water, and an optional preservative are simultaneously conveyed, driven by pumps or differential pressure into the feed of a dynamic mixer and mixed. Synchronous control of the drive motors of the respective pumps ensures continuous uniform quality of the diluted solution via the flow monitoring.

The desired concentration as well as production output can be set using a control panel on the control cabinet on site, or optionally via remote signal.

Available system capacity: 1-15 t/h diluted LES.


Sodium lauryl ether sulfate (LES) is an oil and fat soluble detergent.

Due to its foaming property, LES is used in many body hygiene products and as a fat solvent. For the production of these products, LES is mainly used in an initial concentration of 27%.

LES is usually obtained in the commercial concentration of 27%. When purchasing the pre-diluted surfactant, a large volume of diluting water is purchased as well, resulting in high transport costs.

LES can also be purchased with a 70% detergent substances content and, at the start of the process, diluted in a stirring tank to the desired concentration. This comes with additional time and energy expenditure and has a negative impact on system productivity.

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