LEWA ecodos food pump

LEWA ecodos®
Sanitary/hygienic diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecodos sanitary/hygienic is a safe, efficient diaphragm metering pump that provides many options for food and pharmaceutical production. The surfaces are adapted specifically to hygienic production requirements.

The ecodos sanitary/hygienic is suitable for metering and pumping tasks in the low-pressure range, has virtually no dead spaces and is easy to clean. It implements a flow rate of 16 to 1460 l/h per pump head and a maximum discharge pressure of 20 bar.

LEWA ecodos®
For hygienic processes in the low-pressure range.

Extremely hygienic conditions must be present for the production of food, beverages, medicine and pharmaceutical products. LEWA offers the ecodos sanitary/hygienic pump series to meet these strict requirements.

The LEWA ecodos sanitary/hygienic with pump heads made of polypropylene or stainless steel is hermetically sealed and prevents the pumped product from becoming contaminated. Thanks to its easy-to-clean surfaces, product residue, biological residue and germs can be removed completely.

It is the right choice for metering tasks with low pressure up to 20 bar and fulfills both aseptic and hygienic specifications with high reliability and efficiency. Thanks to mechanical diaphragm actuation, it is impossible for the hydraulic oil to contaminate the pumping fluid.

LEWA ecodos food pump

Good reasons for a LEWA ecodos®

The LEWA ecodos in sanitary/hygienic design is a mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump with a monitored, 4-layer sandwich diaphragm for low pressures, which have numerous advantages over comparable pumps.

Metering accuracy

Exact metering setting

Even in low-pressure conditions, the ecodos diaphragm pump has a precise flow rate adjustment of ± 1%. You can achieve an exact, extensive adjustment range of up to 1:50 thanks to the option of adjusting the pump using the stroke length and/or rotational speed.

Hygienic Design

Sanitary/hygienic-compliant design

The sanitary/hygienic-compliant design fulfills the production requirements for food and pharmaceutical products: It features the smallest possible dead spaces and polished, easy-to-clean surfaces. Of course, the ecodos holds all industry-relevant certifications.

FDA compliant

FDA-compliant parts in direct contact with pumped fluid

All parts of the LEWA ecodos diaphragm pump in sanitary/hygienic design that come into contact with fluids are FDA-compliant, corresponding to the most important requirements for hygienic processes. They are also animal fat free and inspected and documented in accordance with USP Class VI.

Various pump head designs

Various sizes and equipment

Adjust the LEWA ecodos precisely to meet your requirements: With 6 output ratings, the material variants 316/316L, stainless steel 1.4435 or PP and adapted accessories, the diaphragm metering pump is suitable for virtually any pumping task in the low-pressure range.

Surfaces polished mechanically

For complying with the strict sanitary/hygienic standards, all surfaces of the pumps are mechanically polished (1.4571: RA < 0.8 µm) or electro-polished (1.4435: RA < 0.5 µm).

Hermetically sealed

The ecodos metering diaphragm pump is mechanically driven (not hydraulically driven). This means that the pumping fluid will not become contaminated due to hydraulic oil or environmental influences.

High level of production reliability

Even if a diaphragm is damaged, continued operation is possible. Therefore, you have sufficient response time for maintenance purposes. This results in a high level of production reliability.

PTFE sandwich diaphragm

The 4-layer PTFE sandwich diaphragm is not only extremely stable and durable. It is also monitored continuously during operation using the patented DPS diaphragm monitoring system.

Complete traceability of all material products

All material products are completely documented and traceable in accordance with EN 10204 3.1. In this way, we ensure maximum transparency and safety for your production process.

Dry-run safe and maintenance-friendly

The pumps are dry-run safe and maintenance friendly. No sliding seals or packages are inserted.


Multiplex capability

Single drive units with vertically installed motor are space-saving. Alternatively, multiple drive units with identical or different output can be combined for pulsation reduction or recipe metering.

Explosion-proof design

We supply pumps, equipment and systems on request in explosion-proof design for operation up to EX zone 1 . Thus, we guarantee maximum security.

Frequency converter

The speed control of ecodos diaphragm metering pump is effected precisely by a supplied frequency converter or other variable speed drives.

Integration into process control systems

The signal acquisition of process control systems is achieved analogously or digitally. Flow rate is adjusted via electric or pneumatic stroke adjustment, alternatively by motor drive (FU).

Exactly customized accessories

We pay attention to all the details: All electrical and electronic accessories for your diaphragm metering pump are perfectly tailored to our individual product - from the contact transmitter to the frequency inverter.

Electrical stroke adjustment

Adjust the stroke length of your pump exactly to the specific metering task: LEWA pumps can be set fully automated by an electric stroke adjustment with integrated regulator.

Customized valves

LEWA uses numerous special types of valves such as specially hardened valves for liquified gases or valves with minimal dead space for the food and pharmaceutical production.

Diverse connection geometries

Our pumps are equipped with all common connection geometries such as DIN standard, BASF's high-pressure standard, American ANSI, JIS, or your individual requirements. Customized configurations are possible.

Control and regulation units

With functionally tested controlling and regulating units for frequently occurring standard tasks of diaphragm metering pumps - such as batch metering - your process becomes faster and easier.


  • Metering of citric acid

    Metering of citric acid

    Metering of citric acid

    The customer’s challenge: In an extraction process citric acid shall be reliably metered

    LEWA’s scope of delivery: Skid

    Delivery in detail: 1 Custom-designed metering system with 1 LEWA ecodos sanitary pump, type 550

    LEWA main product/s:
    Custom-designed metering system
    LEWA ecodos sanitary / hygienic

    FluidPressure in barFlowrate in l/h
    Citric acid5550
    Chemical / Pharmaceuticals / CosmeticsBasic operations (separating, extract.)

Product range

Thanks to delivery in various sizes, the LEWA ecodos mechanical diaphragm pump covers a large product range. This allows us to provide you with a high-performance, energy-saving pump for any desired application.

Performance overview

LEWA ecodos sanitary Max. flow rate at 50 Hz [in l/h]
Permissible pressure for stainless steel [bar]
Permissible pressure for plastics [bar] Permissible temperature [°C]
Pump type VA PVC-H PVDF
LEB 16 20 12 -10/+80 0/+60 -10/+80
LEC 52 10 10 -10/+80 0/+60 -10/+80
LED 170 10 10 -10/+80 0/+60 -10/+80
LEE 336 7,5 7,5 -10/+80 0/+60 -10/+80
LEF 520 7,5 7,5 -10/+80 0/+60 -10/+80
LEG 1460 5 5 -10/+80 0/+60 -10/+80
LEWA ecodos hygienic Max. flow rate at 50 Hz [in l/h]
Permissible pressure for stainless steel 1.4435 [bar]
Permissible pressure for (PP) [bar] Permissible temperature [°C]
Pump type VA PP
LEB 16 20 - -10/+80 -
LEC 52 10 6 -10/+80 -10/+60
LED 170 10 6 -10/+80 -10/+60
LEE 336 7,5 6 -10/+80 -10/+60
LEF 520 7,5 - -10/+80 -
LEG 1460 5 - -10/+80 -

Installation dimensions

Save space and weight through multiplex arrangement of pumps. Meter multiple liquids at the same time with various pump heads.

Installation dimensions

Type L [mm] W [mm] ΔW [mm] H [mm]
LEB/LEC 360 220 85 480
LED/LEE 425 220 120 570
LEF 595 270 175 660
LEG¹) 500 400 - 800
LEG²) 500 900 250 450

1) Vertical motor installation

2) Horizontal motor installation

Installation dimensions

Assembly dimensions LEWA ecodos



Contact persons

  • Sales Office Czech Rep.
  • LEWA NIKKISO Austria GmbH (odštěpný závod)
  • +420 5 432360-52
  • office@lewa.cz

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