LEWA high pressure pump for process engineering

LEWA ecoflow®
diaphragm process pump

The ecoflow diaphragm process pump is an advanced pump for high-pressure process technology. It features a variable modular design and provides the right solution for a vast assortment of industrial applications.

The DPS diaphragm protection system ensures maximum process reliability. The diaphragm process pump achieves flow rates of up to 19 m3/h per pump head and discharge pressures of up to 1200 bar.

LEWA ecoflow®
The all-around talent for high pressure.

The ecoflow diaphragm process pump is the "big sibling" of the ecoflow diaphragm metering pump. It is the world's most advanced pump of its kind and the right solution for almost all applications in process technology requiring high discharge pressures.

The tried-and-tested modular system makes it possible to combine various pump heads and drive units in variable modular construction with an in-line or boxer design.

The ecoflow ensures dependable use even under the harshest conditions thanks to a patented sandwich diaphragm, diaphragm protection system and high drive unit durability. It is ideal for applications involving virtually any media, even hazardous, combustible, toxic, abrasive, viscous, environmentally harmful or sensitive fluids.

LEWA high pressure pump for process engineering

Good reasons for a LEWA ecoflow®

The LEWA ecoflow is a hydraulically actuated process diaphragm pump in modular design and a technological pioneer on the world market.

Suction capability

Unique suction capacity

The LEWA ecoflow diaphragm process pump differs from other pumps due to its unique suction capacity. With an absolute suction pressure of up to 0.1 bar, it provides more than just a wide array of safe installation options. The operating costs for the entire system can also be decreased compared to other pumps.

Modular System

Modular system

The construction with its tried-and-tested modular system makes it possible to combine various pump heads and drive units in variable modular design with series or boxer design. This allows us to create a process pump that meets your specific needs. We take your performance needs and space requirements into account in the design.

Safe start-up

Absolutely safe and reliable startup

Starting up the process pump is safe, reliable and easy: When not operating, a spring fixes the diaphragm in a neutral position at all times. This ensures that the diaphragm is never damaged due to incorrect positioning when starting up.

Long lifetime

Low maintenance costs and a long service life

The ecoflow series features a long service life for all components and particularly low maintenance and operating costs. If regular maintenance intervals are maintained, our diaphragm pumps can operate for 40 years or more in your production process.

Safety manometre

Safety and reliability in extreme operating states

For us, safety and reliability come first: The pump is not subjected to damage, even after operating errors occur or in extreme operating states. We offer maximum protection for user and machine through built-in safety mechanisms—not only when excess primary pressure is present, but also when the pressure or suction line is closed.

Suitable for virtually all fluids

The ecoflow series is suitable for almost all liquids thanks to its flexible design. Whether they are dangerous, toxic, abrasive, viscous, environmentally harmful or sensitive fluids, the user-specific configuration always gives you the correct diaphragm process pump.

Variable eccentric principle

The flow rate can be adapted using the tried-and-tested variable eccentric principle based on a linear relationship with the stroke length.

Patented sandwich diaphragm

Our patented sandwich diaphragm is not just extremely durable, it is also well-protected. The LEWA DPS diaphragm protection system and diaphragm monitoring system report any damage to the diaphragm before it tears and has a chance to contaminate the pumped fluid.

Integrated pressure relief valve

A pressure relief valve in the hydraulic part of the diaphragm pump prevents potential overload situations during operation. This valve is individually adjustable and can therefore be adapted to different operating situations.

API 675 standard

The ecoflow series fulfills the internationally valid quality standard of the American Petroleum Institute API 675. In this standard, all requirements for a displacement pump in industrial settings are defined with respect to design, construction and performance.

Rugged drive units

Our drive units are extremely rugged and durable. This makes the pumps ideal for use under the harshest conditions.

High energy efficiency

LEWA diaphragm pumps achieve the highest efficiency of all pump technologies. Our ecoflow series also combines high efficiency with low energy consumption.

Worldwide standards

When designing pumps, we adhere to globally valid standards such as VDMA 24284, 24286-10 and FDA guidelines.

Hermetically sealed

Diaphragm pumps work without dynamic seals. This forms a hermetically sealed working area. No emissions escape to the outside, and contamination of the fluid is impossible.


Multiplex capability

Single drive units with vertically installed motor are space-saving. Alternatively, multiple drive units with identical or different output can be combined for pulsation reduction or recipe metering.

Customized valves

LEWA uses numerous special types of valves such as specially hardened valves for liquified gases or valves with minimal dead space for the food and pharmaceutical production.

Diverse connection geometries

Our pumps are equipped with all common connection geometries such as DIN standard, BASF's high-pressure standard, American ANSI, JIS, or your individual requirements. Customized configurations are possible.

Integration into process control systems

The signal acquisition of process control systems is achieved analogously or digitally. Flow rate is adjusted via electric or pneumatic stroke adjustment, alternatively by motor drive (FU).

Sanitary & hygienic Design

LEWA pumps and systems in sanitary & hygienic design are available for applications that require extremely high purity, such as food production and the pharmaceutical industry.

Heating and cooling jacket

With heating and cooling jackets, our pumps are suitable for almost any temperature and can convey fluids at low temperatures or extreme heat.

Pumps in boxer design

You can double the flow rate with the same gear size using a LEWA boxer design multiplex pump. In this process, a drive operates two pump heads located opposite each other.

CIP and SIP capability

Many LEWA pumps, systems and units can be cleaned (Cleaning in Place) and sterilized (Sterilization in Place). To carry this out, it is not necessary to disassemble the equipment.

Special design materials

If the process demands it, wetted parts such as pumps heads and valves will be made of special materials such as stainless steel 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404), Hastelloy or Duplex steel and PVC.

Performance spectrum

With the combination of various pump heads and gear units, the LEWA ecoflow diaphragm process pump covers a wide performance spectrum. This allows us to provide you with a high-performance, energy-saving pump for any desired application.

Drive unit data

Type Hydraulic power[kW]
LDF 3.5
LDG 6.0
LDZ 15
LDH/LDHB 20/35

Performance overview

Performance overview LEWA process pumps

Installation dimensions

Save space and weight through multiplex arrangement of pumps or arrangement in the compact boxer design. Meter multiple liquids at the same time with various pump heads.

Installation dimensions

Type L [mm] W [mm] ΔW [mm] H [mm]
LDF 1130 900 430 940
LDG 1300 1300 490 1000
LDZ 1700 1700 700 1140
LDH 2100 1800 717 1500

Installation dimensions

Assembly dimensions LEWA ecoflow

Pump head variants

We provide various pump heads for different applications. Here, the spectrum ranges from all-purpose variants to special designs for high temperatures, pressures or aggressive fluids.

Pump head M900

State of the art universal diaphragm pump head with PTFE sandwich diaphragm for maximum operational reliability The patented DPS technology also enables a suction lift cabability that is globally unique in the field of hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps. Can be installed on all ecoflow pumps.

Type M900
Pressure 500 bar
Flow rate 6 m³/h
Temperature -20/+150 °C
Viscosity 100.000 mPa∙s
Operational capability Can be installed on all ecoflow diaphragm metering pumps.
LEWA pump head M900
LEWA pump head M900

Pump head M500

Universal diaphragm pump head with PTFE sandwich diaphragm for high flow rates. Proven, durable, reliable and with diaphragm position control.

Type M500
Pressure 350 bar
Flow rate 19 m³/h
Temperature -50/+150 °C
Viscosity 100.000 mPa∙s
Operational capability Metal pump heads (316/316L): can be installed on all ecoflow drive units ≥ LDE
Plastic pump heads (PVC/PVDF/PTFE): can be installed on all ecoflow drive units ≤ LDE
LEWA pump head M500
LEWA pump head M500

Pump head M800

Universal diaphragm pump head with PTFE sandwich diaphragm for extreme pressures. The special geometry of the diaphragm clamping system enables the use of PTFE diaphragms in pressure ranges up to 1000 bar and thus results in a very compact shape. Very economical solution in the range of high pressures, especially in comparison to pump heads with metal diaphragms.

Type M800
Pressure 1.000 bar
Flow rate 1,1 m³/h
Temperature -10/+60 °C
Viscosity 100.000 mPa∙s
Operational capability Can be installed on all ecoflow process diaphragm pumps ≥ LDF.
LEWA pump head M800
LEWA pump head M800

Pump head M400

Proven pump head with metal diaphragm for extreme pressures and high temperatures. Also suitable when a high degree of permeation resistance is required. The diaphragm is working between two contour plates, limiting the deflection of the diaphragm and providing an extreme level of operational reliability. The diaphragm monitoring system offers a plus for safety by immediately displaying the damage of a diaphragm layer.

Type M400
Pressure 1.200 bar
Flow rate 0,8 m³/h (M400)
Temperature -40/+200 °C
Viscosity 500 mPa∙s
Operational capability M400 can be installed on all ecoflow process diaphragm pumps ≥ LDF.
LEWA pump head M200, M400
LEWA pump head M200-M400

Special pump heads in remote head design

Some tasks in process engineering include the metering or circulation of media with critical properties like high temperature and high abrasivity. These critical conditions frequently need to be kept away from the displacer system of the metering pump, either to protect the system or its operating personnel. A normal metering pump is not suitable for such tasks due to its compact design.

Type MR / MV / KV
Pressure 500 bar
Flow rate 19 m³/h
Temperature -70/+400 °C
Viscosity 100.000 mPa∙s
Operational capability Remote pump heads can be installed on all LEWA ecoflow metering and process pumps and on all LEWA triplex metering and process pumps.
LEWA pump head M900
LEWA diaphragm remote head cutaway



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