For over 60 years, we have constructed pumps and systems. Our employees have gained experience on a variety of processes and applications. They know what needs to be considered when constructing your individual product.

Our unique process know-how, advanced pump technologies, the customized design of our products and our first class services are part of the "LEWA quality", which is rated highly by customers from process industry around the world.


Worldwide, we support renowned customers.

We accompany you wherever necessary. Get an insight into our diverse project references, you will see what sets us apart and how we cooperate with our business partners.

Our technologies

LEWA is the technology leader in diaphragm metering pumps

Because we are continually expanding our competitive advantage, we can also disclose a lot about the technologies behind it. Experience here what make our products so successful.

Whitepaper Download

Whitepaper Download

In over 60 years of company history, LEWA has acquired a comprehensive expertise. Because of this, LEWA can offer the best solution for a variety of processes and applications. And not without reason: our qualified engineers permanently research in various fields. We would like to share the results with you. Here, the latest whitepapers are available for download!